Model Comments

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Our Work

We encourage communities that are considering legalizing cannabis, or that are in the process of legalizing cannabis, to adopt public health protective cannabis ordinances.

We have captured our research into best practices in our model ordinances, comments and principles sheet.  We encourage you to download these documents and use them as guidance. 

We draft model comments and letters on proposed cannabis regulations for submission to the appropriate regulatory agencies. These comments are based on best scientific evidence and information available. Comments are downloadable and available as models for public use. 

Looking for guidance on what ordinances and public health measures should be taken into consideration in regards to cannabis legalization in your community? Explore our different ordinances that cover best practices in retail and marketing, and recommended approaches for cannabis taxation.

We have prepared an abbreviated version of our best practices for model ordinances in our Principles for a Public Health & Equity Approach to Cannabis Regulation handout.  

Curious as to where California cannabis tax revenues are spent? Are you familiar with local cannabis laws in California? Visit our publications page and learn more.

Many stakeholders and experts weigh in to provide commentary and input on regulatory matters.  We gather information from leading authorities in cannabis policy. 


We collaboratively develop and test models of optimal cannabis policy (retail practices, marketing & taxation) with the goal of reducing harms, youth use & problem use. These models are based on the best scientific evidence and guided by the principles of public health, social justice, and equity. 

We also provide technical assistance to jurisdictions considering legalizing cannabis. Please contact us for more information.