Cannabis Tax Revenue for Prevention and Public Health

Good news! We are beginning to see some movement among local jurisdictions to use cannabis tax dollars (or other funding) for public health and prevention purposes. For instance, we are watching the November 2018 Ballot Measure B in In San Joaquin County which, if passed, would impose a special tax "To support early childhood education, drug prevention, literacy, and other programs for children and youth; public health; public safety and enforcement of cannabis laws.”

In Stanislaus County, local rules require that permittees of commercial cannabis activities “develop or contribute to a county approved public outreach and educational program for youth organizations and educational institutions that outlines the risks of youth addiction to cannabis, and that identifies resources available to youth related to drugs and drug addiction.” (6.78.220).

We are monitoring tax and funding developments and adding them to our table of forward-thinking ordinance provisions (available here). If you are aware of adopted special taxes, or pending ballot measures, that put tax revenues into public health and prevention, please email Amanda Naprawa at

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We collaboratively develop and test models of optimal cannabis policy (retail practices, marketing & taxation) with the goal of reducing harms, youth use & problem use. These models are based on the best scientific evidence and guided by the principles of public health, social justice, and equity. 

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