Our Vision and Mission

We envision a society where public policy related to cannabis and other substances protects health and advances equity in all its forms.

We use scientific research to identify and advocate for cannabis policy that advances public health and equity, prioritizing groups vulnerable to harms, such as youth. We engage and support partners in our work to ensure that government and industry actions align with these priorities.

Strategies We Use:

  • Scientific Research
  • Policy Design
  • Technical assistance to government and community partners
  • Key audience education
  • Community stakeholder engagement
  • Advocacy
  • Accountability

What We Do

In most states, cannabis legalization has focused mainly on creating a legal profit-making system rather than putting guardrails in place to promote public health, protect youth, and advance social equity.

We provide technical assstance to jurisdictions that are currently regulating cannabis, considering legalizing or decriminalizing cannabis, and to community partners. We develop and share models for safer and more effective cannabis policy, and provide guidance on policies that can reduce harm and prevent problem cannabis use.

We take an evidence-based approach by carrying out and drawing on scientific research, cannabis policy analyses, and lessons from tobacco and alcohol control.

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Age-Gating and Marketing Differences Between Storefront and Non-Storefront Cannabis Retailers

By Getting it Right from the Start and others, October 2024

New study that we recently co-authored has found roughly one-fifth of websites for cannabis retailers in California have no age-gating, 91% used a method that is easily circumvented. And, delivery-only retailers were less likely to age-gate during checkout than storefronts licensees.

Associations between e-cigarette marketing exposure and vaping nicotine and cannabis among U.S. adults, 2021

By Getting it Right from the Start and others, Addictive Behaviors, April 2024

In this co-authored study in Addictive Behaviors we found e-cigarette marketing exposure was associated with cannabis vaping and co-use among young adults. Marketing restrictions for e-cigarette may prevent harmful vape use.

Clinician perspectives on adolescent Cannabis-Related beliefs and behaviors following recreational cannabis legalization

By Kaiser Permanente and Getting it Right from the Start, Science Direct, April 2024

In this new research paper published in Science Direct, we found that clinicians reported a post-legalization rise in teen cannabis use and cannabis-related consequences alongside shifts in norms, access, marketing, and reduced harm perceptions.

Tell Your Representatives: Support AB 2223 (Aguiar-Curry) if Amended – Cannabis: Industrial Hemp

Child poisonings with hemp and cannabis are up 3,000% nationally and principals are facing a rise in students being stoned at school and accidental ingestions of dangerous hemp candies by young children. AB 2223 does limit intoxicating hemp if the new 1mg of THC per package is kept, but key amendments are still needed to keep California’s kids safe.

Tell Your Representatives: Oppose AB 1775 (Haney) – Protect Californians and Smoke-Free Air

By allowing licensed cannabis retailers permitted for on-site cannabis consumption to also prepare & sell non-cannabis foods & beverages, AB 1775 will take us back in time to the era of smoke-filled bars and restaurants, undermining decades of progress in smoke-free air. Please tell your representatives in the California Legislature to OPPOSE AB 1775!

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