California Cities & Counties

Local Regulation

When California voters decided to legalize cannabis, local jurisdictions were given a narrow window of time in which to decide how to approach commercial cannabis in their communities. Local jurisdictions could decide to completely ban commercial cannabis locally, could do nothing and simply allow commercial cannabis to operate under state rules, or could develop their own rules and regulations to govern all aspects of commercial cannabis.  Many communities decided to temporarily ban recreational cannabis until they had time to thoughtfully craft local policy.  


We gather information on, and highlight, those jurisdictions that have elected to adopt public-health protective and socially equitable cannabis policies. Click the map to download.

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We collaboratively develop and test models of optimal cannabis policy (retail practices, marketing & taxation) with the goal of reducing harms, youth use & problem use. These models are based on the best scientific evidence and guided by the principles of public health, social justice, and equity. 

We also provide technical assistance to jurisdictions considering legalizing cannabis. Please contact us for more information.